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Watertite Roofing and Skylights

If you are looking for a roofing service, you may need to take a look at Watertite Roofing and Skylights. We all know that roofing installation is not easy and professional service is supposed to be the first consideration when you are going to install or replace your roof. The complicated step starts with the preparation of the assembly. The roof frame that has been assembled needs to be inspected again. The next thing to be prepared is the ring balk flat and elbow. It must be ensured that the bond between the ring is good and the column below is strong. Then take measurements to determine the point of laying the sawhorses according to the drawing, and mark them. Ideally, the maximum distance between the sawhorses (as-is) is 1.2 meters. After the pedestal is ready, the sawhorses that have been assembled can be lifted and seated on the pedestal. The appointment must be made carefully so that the assembly is not damaged, and with the direction facing and the right-left position right should be put carefully. The sawhorses are seated on the ring, precisely at the pitching point according to the mark. It must be ensured that the sawhorses are in the right position and perpendicular to the ring. Next, the sawhorses and pedestals are joined with the L plate (L bracket). Is it quite complicated? Yes, it is complicated as it sounds, but you can consider Watertite roofing and skylights to do the job for you because roofing is their expertise.

For easel connections and screws, L is used. For the unification of the L plate and the ring, anchor bolts (dynabolt) are used. L bracket can be used as a  factory product or can be made from profile C. After the first sawhorses are installed, proceed with the installation of the next sawhorses, according to the plan drawing and on the pedestal that has been marked. Furthermore, it must be checked that all apexes have the same height so that later the nok beam is installed evenly. After ascertaining that the height of the top of the sawhorses is same then install the roof frame fittings. It starts from the nok beam that connects the tops of the sawhorses. To ensure the strength of the structure, it must be installed bracing rod as a binder between the sawhorses (at the bottom, middle, diagonal, and near the wall).

Furthermore, other facilities you can have from Watertite roofing and skylights services are installed in the form of the rafter, batten (roof batten), and row gutters. Aluminum foil is installed between the sawhorses or rafter and battens by being clamped, nailed or screwed. The distance of the batten is adjusted to the type of roof cover to be used.