Eating habits for more than ephemeral results for fitness

According to scientific research, intermittent fasting is an effective method for losing weight. It helps the person to remain fit and retain the muscle mass. Fasting helps in detoxifying the body and is a straightforward and easy to follow method. However, the negative effect of such diet is that it may not suit everybody’s lifestyle. For example, you have a fasting day and suddenly there is a family dinner planned for that day, then it becomes difficult to manage.

Fasting may also lead to headaches, irritability in some people and is not advisable for pregnant women. The Eat Stop Eat diet permits consumption of sweetened drinks on the fasting day which may actually make a person crave for sweets or other unhealthy food items since you have saved calories. Apart from that, it doesn’t have any specific recommendation on meals for non-fasting days thereby leaving the person dependent on more self-control than anything else.



The Verdict

Eat Stop Eat when compared to other complicated diet plans is a simple strategy for losing weight. If followed religiously, it is quite effective and eliminates rebound weight gain. The best part is that it can be followed even after the age of 50 years provided you are medically fit. The book gives an insight into the health benefits of fasting which are very beneficial. Though Eat Stop Eat does not guarantee weight loss, but it is effective if the defined principles in the book are followed religiously. The book comes with 100% money back guarantee in case you do not find it effective in 60 days. Overall, the book is worth a buy in case you are looking for some serious weight loss and without compromising on your love for food.

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