How To Block Someone On Youtube 2021

How To Block Someone On Youtube 2021. Click ⁝ next to the user's comment, then click hide user from the channel. Tap customize channel to go to your youtube studio.

New video is out on my YouTube channel. Go and check it out, before it from

Tap customize channel to go to your youtube studio. You’ll see your subscriber count on top. Now, next to each comment on this page, you will see three dots.

Click Them To Bring Up The Following Options:

Go to the profile of the offending person by clicking his or her name wherever it appears in youtube. To start, open the youtube app on your device. Copy the channel name which needs to be blocked for the browser.;

In The Contacts Section, Click Blocked.

How to block someone on youtube 1. On your computer, at the top right, click your profile picture or initial manage your google account. Log into your youtube account.

Copy The Video Link And Go To Youtube Unblocked.

Block a commenter in youtube studio. Click on the search bar and type the name of the facebook profile that you want to block. Search for the people you want to unblock.

Select The Three Vertical Dots.

If you made a mistake, select undo. Select the three tiny dots under one of the videos and select not interested. Sometimes in whatsapp some people disturbs.

Follow These Steps To Block Someone On Twitch Chat :Step 1 :

Are you being bothered by an unwanted user or contact on wechat? You'll find a list of accounts you blocked across google products. Playlist functionality continues to work normally, even if a blocked video is on the playlist.

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