How To Connect Galvanized Pipe Without Threads To Pex. Then, insert the second pipe into the coupler. You could transition to a 3/4 galvanized or brass nipple with the threads cutoff one end.

How to join metric poly pipe to galv pipe using Universal Joiner (UTC from

Add a new galvanized steel pipe length (nipple) at each end and solder in your copper. Anyway, the one coupling i know that can connect to 1/2 inch galvanized without threading is a dresser type coupling. Use two pipe wrenches pulled in opposite directions, one gripping the pipe you are unscrewing and one gripping the joint you’re unscrewing it from.

Apply A Sealant Or Treatment To The Pipe Surface In Order To Protect It From Future Damage.

Finally, join the two ends with the large nut. Use a pencil to mark a. Don’t break the pipe, but use your body weight to unscrew it.

I Will Post In Another Video Why You Should Not Use A Self.

Then use a flare adapter to go to copper, or use whatever adapter you would use to go to whatever material you would want. Clamp ring connection first, attach the adapter to the existing pipe. Remove rough edges on the pipe end with a metal sander.

If Required, Cut Off Any Surplus Material Using A Hacksaw Or Power Saw To Verify That Each Length Is Straight.

Use a screwdriver to tighten the fastening bolts in place. If required, cut off any surplus material using a. Assemble a threaded transition fitting that passes from the galvanized pipe/connector to the tubing pex.

Place The Level Where The Threading Begins On One End Of The Pipe And Hold It Still While Using A Screwdriver To Adjust To The Plumb Position.

Align the pipe with the mark you made on the pipe. This may be a regional or colloquial term but probably evolved from a manufacturer's name. Add a new galvanized steel pipe length (nipple) at each end and solder in your copper.

This Helps Remove Stains And Dirt From The Coupling Area.

After preparing the pipe, you need to insert a clip ring into the pipe. It should hold the coupling together loosely at first. Some tips on how to cap galvanized pipe without thread:

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