How To Kt Tape Shoulder Pain. Generally, individuals will feel immediate support and pain relief upon taping*. In a seated position, externally rotate the humerus and retract the shoulder.

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Remove about two inches of the tape backing on one end of the. Cut an i strip to the proper length. Peel off gently the remaining back tape and leave a small unpeeled portion at the edge.

The Application Will Serve As A Gentle Reminder To The Muscles To Keep The Shoulder Back In This.

Apply two strips of spartan tape as shown with 80%. Symptoms include pain, weakness, raised shoulders, and decreased range of motion. Regardless of the source of shoulder problem, this application can greatly reduce the pain and improve biomechanics*.

Reach Arm Slightly Back With Palm Facing Forward.

Pull the tape and anchor to the side of your arm, about 1/3 of the way down. After placing the tape, rub it gently. Pain is generally felt at the front and outside of the shoulder or in the shoulder itself.

Use Beige Kinesiology Tape If You Don’t Want To Have Colours Visible During More Formal Times.

Shoulder instability, or the resultant pain, can be a major problem on its own. When placed correctly, you should feel an immediate effect. The result will be more joint space and less pressure on the already painful area.

Retracting The Shoulders Will Almost Always Create More Joint Space And Relieve The Stress And Pain In The Shoulder.

Pain is generally felt at the front and outside of the shoulder or in the shoulder itself. The shoulder is a complex and relatively unstable joint that every person uses extensively on a daily basis. The tape should be horizontal or slightly tilted downward (from front to back).

A Pain Somewhere In The Shoulder Joint Area.

Apply the last 2 inches with no stretch. Anchor toward the elbow with no tension. While slowly removing the backing paper, guide and apply the tape up the front of the shoulder with a light stretch.

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