How To Line Up Beard With Straight Razor. Shaving with a straight razor isn’t easy, and even with this tutorial we advise you to take it easy. Pull the guide away, and admire your handy work!


Draw the lines starting from the sideburns ending to the top of the mustache. The first step is to draw your imaginary neckline boundaries—that is to say, where your beard actually begins on your neck. You don’t want to jerk the blade.

If Your Beard Growth Stops Way Down Your Lips, No Worries.

Shave below your beard line. There are various cuts you should be able to achieve with most beard shaping tools, these include: Draw the lines starting from the sideburns ending to the top of the mustache.

Holding A Straight Razor Can Be Subjective In Certain Circles, So Take Time And Get.

Practice makes perfect and the technique may well take longer to master than you’d think. Includes hot towel & straight razor. There are two common ways men do.

In This Video I Show You How I Line Up My Cheek Line With A Razor.

For best results, do not use a guard for your trimmer. Start on one side of the face, typically at the sideburn where you want to start removing hair. That’s the midpoint of your neckline, gentlemen.

You Can Choose The Mustache As The Par Point.

Without the proper tools such as the barber straight razor and straight edge hair clipper, the task would be impossible. Take two fingers and place them (horizontally) on your adam’s apple. To celebrate the march razor sale, nathan's here with a handy guide to lining up your beard with a straight razor.

I've Tried Regular Razors And Clippers, Which All.

The kent of inglewood beard shaper. The idea behind the back line is to take the back of your sideburn straight down, and trim anything behind that line (to the back of your head) off. Besides, you can even use a beard comb to draw a line connecting sideburns and mustache.

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