How To Measure A Shirt Collar. Find the seams where the sleeves attach to the shirt. With this in position, wrap the tape measure all the way around your neck, keeping one finger under the tape measure to allow for some breathing room.

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Place the tape measure across the chest area to get the dimensions. Place one end of the measuring tape at the center of the button where the button stitching comes through to the inside of the collar band. It is very useful to define the spread of collars by angle.

How To Measure A Shirt 1.

Hold your tape measure at the top of the collar on the front of your shirt and bring it down to the hem. Unbutton the shirt and spread it out on its back. Step 3 measure from the elbow to just above the wrist bone, or.

It Allows You Movement In The Neck.

First measure the collar size. Check this measurement in inches, take a note of it and this will give you the starting point to. Then, remove the collar from the sewing machine and cut the excess threads.

Measure Straight Across The Collar Band To The Far Edge Of The Button Hole.

Mark the exact measurement in inches or centimeters on a piece of paper so that you don't lose track. Don't know your shirt collar size? First, we must draw a vertical line representing the center back:

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This is the type of collar on most business shirts. Don't pull too tightly so as to create unnecessary tension, just enough so that you are getting a true measurement. Sew all the way around the collar until you get to the other pinned edge.

Then, Measure From Edge To.

Sew a straight stitch 0.5 in (1.3 cm) from the raw edges on 3 sides. Place the tape measure around your neck and add half an inch to get the most comfortable fit. Pink soft collar standard fit linen shirt.

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