How To Update Discord On Phone. On the “discord” page, tap “update” to update the app. If there is an update to be installed, now is.

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A refresh button (or ideally a fix for this) would be very nice. If the file is corrupt, this will force discord to download a new copy and fix the problem on its own. Remove the running processes of discord.

If You Are On An Apple Desktop Or Laptop, You Can Go Discord In The Menu Bar, And Then Preferences To Access User Settings.

Tap the hamburger menu at the top left to open the server and channel list. To force an update on discord, you’ll need to restart the app. Open discord on your android or ios.

Click On Check For Updates.

Where just you and handful of friends can spend time together. How to verify discord phone number without a cellphone (many of them update every week, currently, all of them are taken today)ja.mytempsms.comtranslate rec. Remove the running processes of discord.

From The Search Results, Select “Discord.”.

Disconnect your system/phone from the current network. Simply open the google play store app on your android device and then search for discord. When there’s a discord update, you will see the update ready!

For Me After Updating The App (Like Less Than 30Mins From Me Posting This) I Noticed It Became A Bit Sluggish, Typing Seems Delayed A Bit, Changing From 1 Channel To Another Or Server Seems Sluggish As Well.

You can follow this guide: To update the app, first, open google play store on your phone. The steps are given below:

Open The Discord App On Your Phone And Navigate To The Desired Server By Selecting It In The Sidebar.

Select google play store from the list of. I have to force close it to get it to update. You can manually update discord while launching.

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